Ask Dr. B – February 2021

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My eyes are regularly tearing spontaneously for no reason both indoors and outdoors.
How can I stop or slow down the constant need to clear my throat? I believe that I have a postnasal drip.
Due to over medication some years ago the upper sphincter of my stomach doesn’t function properly.
As a result the content sometimes returns up the esophagus causing a burning sensation. Most particularly raw salads seem to be worse.
I keep to small meals. No processed and fast food, or sugary greasy types.
I take no medications. Except for occasionally resorting to Prilosec, and Pepcid when the fire becomes too much.
My question is can this ever heal? It’s been 8 yrs from the onset. And is there anything else I can do?
Our child must be vaccinated with MMR & Chicken Pox in order to have a kidney transplant. We are opposed to the usage of vaccines that have aborted babies in them. Our doctor suggested overseas vaccinations since a country like Japan doesn’t use human beings in the vaccinations. Help!
I am 53, had pneumonia in Oct 2014, in hospital on a drip for 10 days, my ongoing issues since then,
My right lung has remained sore and still have breathing difficulties,
Sleep apnea has developed, tried the Cpap machine, hated it and couldn’t get the adjustment right, just filled me up with air,
I don’t sleep very well just roll around in pain most nights, because of the lung on the RH side & a shearing injury on the left side,
Erectile dysfunction instantly since pneumonia, and is embarrassing after not having any issues before, have been taking Testrodrene for about 2 years but to no real improvement,
I currently take half a teaspoon of Ascorbic acid, a Turmeric capsule with pepper water, and 30g of Reliv powder (a vitamin & mineral supplement).
What can I do to help with Kidney stones and loss of holding urine?
I have a friend of mine that has kidney stones he is 75 yrs. old, he is taking Tranzsadone and he was taking simvastatin for high blood pressure, Tamsulosin 0.4 mg, Duloxetine capsules, and then Losartan. They put a catheter in him and now he has no control over his urine. What can I do to help him, to get back on track?
Enlarged prostate. I am 67 and scheduled now for a 2nd time to go through what is called Green Light LASER Therapy to use a laser beam to shave off layers of the prostate. Is this crazy, or what? If I don’t do something, then I may be on Tamsulosin for life trying to urinate, much less have sex. Am I doing the wrong thing? Is there another way to take care of this that is effective quickly, or will it take years to reverse and reduce the size of the prostate? What can I do?
I would like to know what Omega Juicer model you use & where to get it? I would rather not use amazon!
My granddaughter is 10 and has had type 1 diabetes for 3years. Her mom has taken somethings things out of her diet. My question to you is, what natural remedies are there to keep her from having high or large ketones and what natural solutions can she take to hydrate her to prevent going to an emergency room or going into DKA? Any websites, books to assist would also be helpful thank you.
My father is taking 6 different pills. Norvasc, Hydralazine, Levetiracetam, Lisinopril, Pantoprazole, and Sodium Chlorine.
He sleeps quite a bit and he isn’t too steady on his feet anymore. If I get him off the meds would he be more alert? Would this help to not make him so forgetful?
I am asking this for my granddaughter. She is getting a rash and also her head itches and she gets little bumps she must wash her hair every day or it comes back the next day then itching. Is there anything I can tell her to get?
Four years ago I broke my right arm, a Radial Head fracture from a hard fall on Rollerblades. I bounced! I had three screws put in and some torn cartilage removed. My elbow is still a little stiff, I can extend it all the way to 180 degrees but no longer can hyper-extend. I wanted to know if I should consider having these screws removed? Pros and cons of either decision? It doesn’t give me any pain, just stiffness and annoying that the range of extension isn’t what it was. I’ve been taking Food Research Advance Joint Complex which I think has helped a bunch. I’ve seen some of your videos on patients who have removed pins and such and had better results. I don’t really want to go under the knife again, but am willing to if the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term pain.
About two months ago a round, hard, skin-colored, dime-sized, smooth to the touch bump showed up in on the front of my scalp, where my part line starts. I looked at some pics online and it looks similar to a pilar or maybe epidermoid cysts. I’ve started putting moist warm heat and tea tree diluted but no change.
I recently had a colonoscopy and since then have been battling a rash (tiny red bumps, sometimes cluster) and bumps under my skin that you can’t really see. I went to the Dermatologist who is taking a biopsy of one of the bumps because she is not sure what it is and wants to know how to treat it. Will keep you posted. I have been spraying colloidal silver up my nose, and using a 1% hydrocortisone cream the dermatologist gave me in the meantime (which I don’t want to use but it seems to help) and my blood pressure is higher than normal. I juice, and keep a good diet but this is new to me since I have never had skin issues. I have an infrared sauna which seems to make it worse short term. (Even stopped using my Rife machine so I could try to see what works and what doesn’t.) The only dairy I use is sheep cheese on my salads. I am thinking the Propanol might have caused this but no doctor will tell me that.