Ask Dr. B – February 2020

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My daughters was mistreated with steroids. How can we get her off medication? When can we start helping her with Vitamin C and natural health alternatives? Can they interfere with each other? Please advise.
Lumbar disc injury. I have a pain in my knee, my right waist, right side of my calf, I also have bunions and hammer toes on both feet. Can you help?
The toe next to the big toe is separating away from the toe. Also the other case is: the toe next to the big toe is overlapping. Is this a pelvic issue or toe muscles? In both cases the toe is straight. No bunion formation.
5 years ago my husband contracted MRSA on his foot. We did 10 rounds of antibiotics. We started seeing improvement only after using mega dose of Vitamin C. We also did 72 hour fast. This technique seems to work but it keeps coming back. Why?
My husband seems to get an allergic major reaction to the antibiotics like red welts and itchiness.
Can I continue my Vitamin supplementation during 3 months Hepatitis C treatment without interfering with medication? Any advice will be appreciated.
Tinnitus. Please advise on how to get rid of cricket insect sounds in the ears.
Kefir versus yogurt which is preferred to help your helpful flora to flourish in the community of your body? I read that kefir has more probiotic benefits than yogurt.
I have rheumatoid arthritis, I don’t take medication. I’m in pain and have problems with moving. I’ve got bunions and you can guess the rest. What exercises and therapies do you recommend?
What are the best methods to correct forward head carriage?
Hearing aids and EMF. For the last 2 years I had occasional violent episodes of vomiting. Feeling dizzy often without nausea. Realized it started when I was wearing my bluetooth hearing aids. Could there be any relationship?
My son in young twenties is travelling to the Amazon in Peru. What about the yellow fever vaccine and anti malaria pills? Any suggestions on how he can protect himself without the vaccine, any supplements he can use and have on hand?
What’s the best modality for measuring health of the person’s bones?
Can you recommend any maneuvers, exercises to address bursitis in the right elbow?
My wife just had a sixth baby and has some issues with her right hand like numbness, her C5, C6 and C7 are getting smaller not wider, spine is also out of alignment. The chiropractor wants to do correction over the next year (X Rays included). Is that good?
Would love to learn more about the immune system and how it works. Could you recommend some good books?
What should I do about frequent urination? I started to drink more water but now I need to get up at night to urinate.
I have only one bowel movement a day. What can I do to increase my bowel movements?
A car hit me at the street 30 years ago and I’m still having trouble with my back. I can feel my bones move and they make noises when I strenghten up. I also have arthritis in my neck. What can I do to make it better?
What’s the best diet for me, given that I have an autoimmune disease and I need to be gluten free. What’s the best animal product?
Being a boxer is my full time job. I have a big problem with my spine. The chiro said I need to fix this but no money for visits. I need to train all the time to be a pro.
I have troubles metabolising fat. I believe it’s due to infections/virus.
I’m an attorney. My client had a stroke from a cerebral artery dissection. It happened at the chiro’s table. I need to exclude the chiro’s manipulation as a cause. Can you recommend someone with your depth of knowledge who could serve as an expert in such cases?
I’ve had a severe drainage in the back of my throat for the last 6 months which gave me earaches and troubles sleeping. I don’t want to use meds. Thanks in advance for the help.
I’m 60 years old. I have an aching stabbing pain in my lower back at nights and in the mornings. When I cough it stabs in the back and hurts a lot. My chiro suggested it can be a problem with my prostate. Do you think I should go to MD or a chiropractor?
Do you have any information about treating DISH (diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis) along with chiropractic? Any articles and treatments would greatly help.
Menopause at age 48. I’ve been having hot flashes. I put on weight during menopause and I can’t lose it no matter what I eat. I’m attaching my blood tests which are within normal range.
I’ve had a rapid heart rate for the last year and I often feel my heart racing just from walking accross the room. The cardiologist said my heart looks completely healthy. He put me on a beta blocker and that helps me sleep but I don’t wanna be taking it. I’m a 38 year old woman. I feel exhausted. What can cause all this?
Do you use homeopathy?
I’ve been dealing with finger nail fungus for about 20 years. I’ve tried many different things. Sometimes I think it’s gone but it comes back. Sometimes I can peel a nail from a nail bed and it’s not connected. Can you recommend something to help?
I had a dislocated thumb operation. Despite doing exercises I was given, it really hasn’t helped. It’s my right hand. Can you recommend anything I can do?
I have an atrial fibrillation arrhythmia. Can you recommend an HRV monitor? I’ve been looking for it but I found the ones which seemed to be made for the folks who are training and without arrhythmia.
Please could you give me advice on dealing with gout? Foods to avoid, natural medicines that could help my body.
What’s your opinion on Ashley Black’s Fascia Blaster device?
I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, I have C4 degeneration in my neck. The chiro wants to do 18 adjustments. Would it really help with my neuropathy i’ve been dealing for 25 years? Is it worth the money?
I have 4 daughters that have gallbladder problems. Two after C secion birth. Is there a correlation between it? My 5 year old grandaughter has this problem too. What can help for gallbladder problems? Can candidia be related to them or is it the real problem?
I’ve been having multiple cardiac arrhythmias for a long time. I’ve had several ablations but after one my arrhythmia nearly doubled. I’m done with taking any more medication. I’m looking for ways to raise the ejection factor of my heart.
My son started to wet the bed when he was 9. It still happens now and he is 12. It’s really embarrasing for him. Have you helped children with this problem? Thank you for your help.