Ask Dr. B – December 2020


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Bloodwork. I’m curious after my hysterectomy in March due to hemorrhaging, I am still weak. I do take supplements for female balance, vitamin d, and k. Enzymes, a multivitamin, and saffron. I feel nausea every day. I’m going to go to a doc and want him to run bloodwork but not sure what kind would be appropriate. Is there something specific I should ask him to test for?
Is Keto the best way to lose weight? Do you need to continue Keto after you reach your weight goal? How do you know what weight is best for you? I am concerned that Keto does not include whole foods like beans, fruit, quinoa, and ancient grains.
Hives. Hi Dr. B…I had done thermography on my breast it came back low risk, but in the interpretation, it said there is diffuse hyperthermia in both inframammary regions which may indicate some degree of lymph congestion… Just want to meet what I can do to break that congestion up…I am 67 female with a story of uterine cancer… removed by a total hysterectomy back in September 2000 and a pituitary tumor back in November 1979 which was removed by doing a Trans-unilateral hypophysectomy
How do you treat chronic hives my daughter has them where her lips blow up, eyes, or where ever they choose, I have them on the back of my scalping 61 and she’s 34 we don’t live together!
Dr.B, what is your take on cord stem cell infusion for 77 yo female with ovarian cancer?
What l can be done to reduce and eventually eliminate the effects of Cushing’s disease?
Lots of food allergies/sensitivities with vertigo. I was having constant vertigo about 12 years ago and was diagnosed with gluten and dairy allergies. Once I eliminated those from my diet vertigo went away. However, over the years I have become more and more allergic or sensitive to a lot more foods (eggs, nightshades, beans, all grains) to where now my diet is very restricted. The reaction I have if I eat one of these foods is dizziness/vertigo and tiredness. No one has been able to tell me why I react this way? So, how do I go about repairing this to where I can expand my diet and not suffer from vertigo. My guess is I have multiple issues going on.
What is the story on Keto? I understand that the Keto diet is almost fat and veggies. How about beans, quinoa, and maybe wild rice? Does the EHA have more info or should I stay away from a Keto diet? Actually, I just want to lose 25 pounds I gained since covid. I had been between 195 and 200, 6′ 0″, for almost 10 years and then moving to New York so I could be part of this insanity, I like rural NY but something has changed I haven’t yet understood what. I am stable at 225 and don’t seem to be gaining. I am 70 this month but still very active. Zumba, gym, plant-based foods, no sugars. I just need a plan to reevaluate, lose some weight and quit obsessing about this.
I have noticed excessive mucus in my stool for about 6 months or more. What could be causing this?
Pain in the colon and lack of movement. When food reaches the colon I get pain, especially in the appendix. gluten, dairy, and sugar-free, on a plant-based organic diet.
Getting acne from everything the face around the nose is red.
Started to have negative reactions to foods to which I didn’t have before. Colon would bloat and become painful everywhere. I cut out grains but it helped only for 2 months. Now starting to have an intolerance to remaining foods. Also noticed that I need to eat more but still lose weight. Also if I eat protein or cruciferous vegetables in a few hours I get tense, start shaking, sweating, and feel terribly weak. This goes on for half-hour, I always eat when I feel this and then feel good.
Have a good diet, went to the chiro, not too stressed, walk 1 hour daily. Spine always goes back to old position after chiro.
Symptoms get worse when no movement. Think I have leaky gut + Hashimoto. Can lack of movement cause this?
My son has fluid in the knee. He had it drained twice and it comes back. He had his bursa sack removed with surgery and the fluid came back. My son has Cerebral Palsy and sits on the floor most of the day. Dr. Bergman, where is the fluid coming from, and does my son have to live with this Big bubble on his knee forever?
Chlorella. After our phone consultation, one of your recommendation for me is to add chlorella to my diet, I did start adding it to my smoothy, I had very bad acid reflux since I started taking it, I was adding as well maca powder and also was taking fish oil and magnesium at night. after having very bad acid reflux I stop smoothy and all supplements I was taking were mentioned before. do you think it was chlorella or the other supplement that caused me acid reflux and discomfort?. I did find a chiropractor and I did an e-ray now you can book me an app as discussed in our last app.
My husband noticed increased tinnitus this year, going from only hearing it at night during silence to full time during the day as well. It is a constant high-frequency sound – some times/days louder than other times/days. He also has mild to moderate hearing loss at high frequencies on the left ear, and mild high freq loss on the right side The recent increase seems to have been the result of an ear infection in the spring treated w/ antibiotics (Amxcicilin, then Bactrim). It also increased further in the fall (the only medications taken at this time are Flonase and Claritin + multivitamins). He stopped Claritine 2 days ago – tinnitus seems even louder after he stopped.
– Is Flonase possibly ototoxic? Should he stop Flonase also?
– Is Claritin ototoxic? What is the risk for his tinnitus with Claritin?
– Any strategies to eliminate tinnitus?
I found out through an x-ray a few years ago that I have mild scoliosis, but I haven’t had any problems with it. I’m 65 now. Should I expect it to get worse, and is there anything I should be doing for it?