Ask Dr. B – August 2020


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How do we insist on not taking the Covid vaccine? What can we do to protect ourselves?
I am 70 years old, 6′, 212 lbs. No prescriptions. My problem, my weight has been going up, my energy is going down.
I have two painful ganglion cysts in my right wrist, have had them for a few years, & they’re getting worse.
With so many options how do you know if you’re buying a good vitamin C, D, A? What do you look for when choosing the right supplement?
My son fell on his back about 3 months ago this later caused tinging in his fingers in his left hand and weakness and pain on the left side including his leg. Is surgery necessary?
How do we insist on not taking the Covid Vaccine?
Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed with MS a few months ago, and haven’t started any medication yet is that a good choice, or should I start on meds?
My mother and I are both prone to the development of cherry angiomas. Any insights to share about possible causes, strategies for prevention?
My Dr says I have Hashimoto’s. I can’t have gluten or dairy but what about raw dairy or cheese, or even raw goat/ or sheep dairy milk or cheese esp feta?
After the gallbladder is removed, can you absorb fish oil? What should people do now that their gallbladder is removed? raymitchell1
Elevated Liver Enzymes. What’s the best way to handle the situation.
I walked doubled over in pain for two weeks after giving birth to my second child naturally. Ever since it’s been almost impossible to have sex without pain.
Why are pro athletes getting Covid? Are they healthy but have a weak immune system?
My daughter who is15 started having blurry vision a few days ago. We were told that she has bacteria near the nerve and this symptom was called iridocyclitis and chorioretinitis. Finesthomebuyers
My systolic blood pressure is down, but need to know how best to naturally treat diastolic hypertension – 123/97
In what way was or is Dr. Fred Scofield in Phoenix AZ a person or Dr. that knows any more than yourself? You recommended him in the Q&A of 2017.