Ask Dr. B – April 2020


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24 years old, vaccinated. I had acne since 14 and was not on any diet until 22, when I probably got food poisoned. I recovered; however, I began to have fever, vomiting and/or diarrhea, strong pain at my appendix and above it every month. These symptoms stopped after changing my diet, but then again came back after eating probably expired meat. Do you think I have SIBO or is it something else?
Thyroid functions. Female, 65 who grew up with a regular diet of antibiotics. I have made healthier choices since 14 and still have allergies, arthritis, and repertory issues, in addition to being on levothyroxine for about 8 years. I stay healthy with vitamins, Ayurvedic herbs, and supplements, I have been mostly vegetarian for 10 years They say you can never get off the med because it compromises your thyroid over time… They also say it may be better to transition to an organic supplement first. What would you recommend?
Recently a documentary posed the question about the Covid 19 being made in China and being synthetic. Will our immune system still perform in a stellar fashion for this? Also, 5G seems to be so toxic to us. It seems as if it attacks our immune system at a cellular level. How can we protect the energy of our cells?
Recently I felt dryness in throat near side of jaw. I think it is pain in my saliva gland. What can I do to relieve it?
What can you recommend for someone with APT and/or Upper Cross Syndrome
Please, I would like to know if there is any risk of having chiropractic manipulation in case of osteoporosis.
I wear a Bluetooth earpiece for a few years. Recently I have been experiencing a numbness, tingling on the side that I wear the earpiece. It goes from my ear down to my shoulder and covers my neck about the size of my hand. It comes and goes throughout the day and last for about 30 seconds. I have not worn it for the least 3 weeks with no change.
I was wondering why you have never, commented on the technology that is available, for Building stronger bones through an adaptive process called osteogenesis, which is achieved by COMPOUND LOADING. Why are you not recommending this in your bone health strategy and for building better bones?
Also in all the videos I have watched with Dr. Bergman not once stressing the importance of gut health, And how it leads to leaky gut syndrome.
My symptoms are like spinal stenosis, but I had disc injury 3 years back. So which exercise should I do for spinal stenosis or cobra pose because both are opposite conditions? One more thing can I do weight training in this condition? I love doing gym, so this is important to me.
Could you post an antidote for the forced vaccines that are coming? What herbs, or supplements or modalities can we use to counteract the chemicals and what not in the vaccine?
Does anti-biotic medicine work for pneumonia?
What’s good to prevent my dog from having seizures? She has had her blood checked with no problems.
I sent for Rick Simpson’s book on Cannabis. But I have no idea where to get the cannabis or even seeds to grow the plants. And I think I could get into trouble for that unless I tried to grow it in the house. Also looks like an accident waiting to happen… Do you know of a really good cannabis oil that you can buy?
When I walk or stand for 5-20 minutes, my glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and feet go numb… Ouch, what should I do?
Have you heard about Herbify? It’s an organic Irish Moss and bladderwrack blend it says it has sea Moss complex 1000 mg. It says it features 15 essentially minerals including selenium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. I’m just curious if it is any good?
Can a damaged vessel be renewed and get back to its healthy shape and condition as it was before the bood clot in the leg? Or is it a permanent damage and nothing can be done? And is it necessary to wear compression socks?
Can I avoid root canal for my kid baby tooth (my kid needs it for 3 more years) using ozone therapy?
As I know CL is toxic for body. I am confused when Kerri Rivera was telling all the benefits of CLO2 for lungs health. Please explain. Also, if CLO2 is safe, is it safe for kids younger than 10 years old?
I would love to hear any recommendation from you for great chiropractors in London, UK (if not London, anywhere in GB). I know they can’t match you but whoever is close enough…
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hashimoto. I also have asthma, arthritis, constipation, and I am constantly tired. I did juicing for a while and I felt a lot better, but my sugar levels went up so I stopped. I am also confused about the different approaches to hypothyroidism. Any suggestions for me?
A few years ago, I noticed that my left and left wrist were slightly swollen. Over time it has become more noticeable. I work in a manufacturing factory, so I use both hands often. I also have a very slight pain in my fingers on the same hand. What’s going on and how can I fix this?
I just returned from a walk and I wear boots. When I stand I get sharp pains in my ankle. This has happened quite a few times. What kind of exercises should I do?
I live near Omaha Nebraska where they have the biocontainment units used in Ebola outbreak and then again when this started – rushing a cruise passengers to Omaha. They are now discussing that perhaps for the most vulnerable patients, the use of antibodies from recovered COVID-19 patients. What are your thoughts on this?
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