Cancer- Navigating the Historical Road to Truth (Part 4)


In this final part of  Cancer- Navigating the historical road to truth, I want to highlight the work of Dr. Emanuel Revici (1896-1998) a Romanian physician who developed the notion of Anabolic and Catabolic imbalance.  

This notion is associated with Metabolism, which has 2 parts the Catabolic phase (to break down) and the Anabolic phase (to build up) so for example if you eat something, the digestive process is Catabolic, but when the food is totally digested in the duodenum (the small intestine) nutrients from the food are absorbed within the Villi on the epithelial gut barrier which is the Anabolic phase.

So between these 2 phases there must be balance.

For instance, a person who tends toward an anabolic state are fatigued, constipated, depressed and may urinate frequently, on the other hand people who tend toward a catabolic state can also be fatigued but a burnt out type of fatigue, diarrhea, anxiety, insomnia and are prone to migraine headaches. Again Anabolic/Catabolic processes are interrelated with balance of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

Dr. Revici associated this metabolic imbalance with cancer, and agreed that DNA destruction or alteration had a role to play but not the most important factor.

He also believed that certain genes if damaged by free radical bombardment or toxins establish abnormal cell growth.

In terms of metabolism Dr. Revici believed that an imbalance anabolically push the cell to abnormal proliferation, and the disease remains in an anabolic state until metabolism completely destabilizes, causing the body to crash into a catabolic spiral.

He also acknowledged, as do most physicians, that cancer lurks in the body and kept in check by the immune system, but as we mentioned in earlier chapters, overall homeostatic imbalance will create immune system dysfunction to the point where it is ineffective.  

DNA is damaged every day but in a balanced environment we have enzymes that travel the length of the DNA correcting errors or if the error is irreparable then the cell is marked for death (natural apoptosis).  It is scientifically claimed that millions of cells become cancerous every day in out body but correction or death of each cell prevents the invasive nature of cancer.

As Dr Revici notes that prostate cancer and indeed breast cancer may exist in older individuals but never pose a threat because the body is balanced, especially metabolically, so in his words ‘ the terrain of the body does not support rapid progression of the disease.’

Dr. William Donald Kelley

The remarkable story of sheer determination and unbelievable courage is the story of an orthodontist who lived in Grapevine, Texas.

His name, Dr. William Donald Kelley.  Kelley was a brilliant, very smart orthodontist that had devised an ingenious device to straighten teeth without the use of braces.  

In 1962, he began to feel unwell which got progressively worse and in 1964 a physician discovered malignant tumors in Kelley’s liver and pancreas, in fact it was diagnosed as Stage IV pancreatic cancer, incurable and inoperable giving him only months to live.  

Adamant as he was, his wife had walked out leaving him to look after 4 foster children, who would return to the foster system if he died, and of course he wasn’t quite ready for a pine box just yet, and it was probably this situation that fueled the fire in him to look for alternative medicine that might help him.  

So he began in earnest researching anything that might give him some answers.

He found Gerson’s diet book, and with the insistence of his mother, she ransacked his kitchen and went through all the cupboards and refrigerator and threw out all the junk food he had.  

With the knowledge gleaned from Gerson and his mother’s strength of will, he changed his diet, but he still had the cancer and the tumors were so pronounced he could feel them from outside of the body.  

He began experimenting with nutrients, vitamins and minerals to determine their effect, feeling the tumor nodules grow and regress dependent upon the positive or negative effect the various nutrients would have.

Imagine if you will, a pre-internet period where research was confined to a library, while this extremely courageous, dying man, had only months to find an answer to his demise if it existed at all.  

By now, while battling this dreadful disease, his digestion was severely compromised, so he asked his pharmacist if he had anything for digestion and he was given a course of digestive enzymes that he could take before meals.  

After a few days, astonishingly he noticed a more than usual regression in the tumor nodules.

Days went by and his general health began to improve, his digestion almost restored to normal, but in his amazement he could not feel his tumors any more.

Kelley returned to the library and discovered an old text called ‘The Enzyme Treatment for Cancer and its Scientific Basis‘ written by a John Beard Dsc.

Once he had read the book, it was a confirmation that enzymes really do have an effect on cancer.  

He went back to his physician who expected to see Kelley ‘on death’s door’, but after examining him, checking his X-rays and blood work he could not believe what he was seeing. All tumors had gone.  

To augment his future journey in helping people nutritionally, he had before, helped some of his orthodontic patients with a nutritional program he had devised for his oldest daughter’s asthma.

In the words of Dr Kelley:

The only really effective way to treat an illness is to build health.”

Some time after, Kelly’s physician began sending his cancer patients to Kelly.   Kelley perfected his treatment to include:

  1. Individualized diet
  2. Digestive enzymes
  3. Coffee enemas

Kelley was also aware of the old text of 1919 called ‘Symptoms of Visceral disease’ a study of the vegetative (Autonomic) nervous system in its relationship to clinical medicine by Francis Pottenger, probably one of the best monographs that has ever been written, detailing how the autonomic nervous system (ANS) affects all pathology of the viscera or internal organs of the body.

In this work Pottenger attempted to explain clinically, how disease affects the human as a whole not a series of parts (Allopaths take note).   

Kelley had also read the classic book written in 1939 by Weston A Price called ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’, that describes various civilizations and their state of health, specifically their dental health since Price was a dentist and even in 1939 he reported that 2.5 million US people were suffering from some chronic disease, compared to some Swiss villages that had no need of physicians or dentists.

However, like all truths, they get forgotten and morph into distorted and erroneous pathways of treatment to suit someone’s bottom line.

Kelley was very familiar with the two branches of the ANS, Parasympathetic and Sympathetic.

The Parasympathetic branch is the rest and digest (effectively the ‘off’ switch) that controls digestion, dilates blood vessels, stimulates salivary glands, the lowering of heart rate, relaxation, rebuilds and repairs the body at rest, and alkalizes the body. The Sympathetic Branch is the adrenaline side (effectively the ‘on’ switch), that controls arousal, energy, enhanced blood flow to the skeleton, triggers the fight or flight mode of operation, increases heart rate and metabolism, directs blood flow to the bodies moving parts, and acidifies the body.

Kelley, empirically concluded that all humans are either Parasympathetic dominant, Sympathetic dominant or Balanced (without dominance).  

He understood that to get his patients well he needed to chemically balance their autonomic nervous system.  

Suffice to say it is equally important to balance the ANS physically which is the function of Chiropractors like Dr. John Bergman, in addition, to remove stress, free of mechanical sublaxation from the body and place it into a harmonious balance. In effect to remove any or all of the 3 stressors Physical, Chemical or Emotional.

During the course of seeing so many cancer patients he found that parasympathetic dominance in an individual tended to ignite carcinomas such as Hodgkin’s, lymphomas, leukemia, myeloma; basically blood cancers derived from the bone marrow from an unbalanced PH that was too alkaline.  

On the other hand, sympathetic dominance was more associated with the solid tumor variety of malignancy such as pancreas, lung, breast, colon, and stomach where the individual was too acidic.  

He further observed that a person’s particular phenotype was also associative to a particular ANS branch dominance. For example, Parasympathetics lean more toward a creative personality, they do not really excel in school, not terribly sociable, whereas Sympathetics have a more dominant nature, and tend to be leaders or managerial types that wake in the morning ready to rule the world.

 In terms of diet, Parasympathetics tend to thrive on meat, whereas sympathetics tend to thrive on plant food.

What ever state a person is in has a huge effect on homeostasis and biological balance, so diet and nutrients play a major part in maintaining balance.

Designing individualized diets was a means to redress the balance of those who were dominant either way, culminating into more alkalizing food in the diet for sympathetic dominance and more acidic foods for the Parasympathetics.  

Balanced individuals who ate basically anything (not processed or junk food) in moderation tended not to get cancer anyway.

Kelley’s Method of Treating Cancer

Individualized Diet

Kelley also figured out using his own experiences what nutrients were more suitable for the 2 dominant branches. Sympathetics did well with the carotenoids, B vitamins, Folic acid, high doses of Vitamin C and D3, Magnesium, while Parasympathetics thrived on Calcium, high doses of Vitamin E etc.  

Kelley spent many months with IBM consultants devising a computer program that would assist in the evaluation process consisting of some 3200 questions to determine dominance.  

Although today hair sample analysis and Heart variability tests carried out by licensed chiropractors can divulge pretty much the same thing.

Digestive Enzymes

The second part of the program involved high doses of Pancreatic digestive enzymes depending on the cancer and its severity patients would take 100-150 enzymes spread throughout the day. This program would typically last 6months to 1 year depending upon patient compliance of the program and the severity of the cancer.

Coffee Enemas

The third part of program involved detoxifying the body.  

As you can imagine, once the enzymes commence digesting the tumor, there is a lot of dead tumor debris floating around in the body that can make the body very toxic so it needs to be expelled as soon as possible.  

Kelly, due to his brilliant deduction ability ”I think we may have our culprit Watson.”  while going through his own health struggle, noticed that once the enzymes had time to work he felt sick and nauseous, and then he figured out that maybe the waste from the dead tumor was making his body sick.  

While in the Library he found an old Merck manual that described detoxification using coffee enemas, explaining that coffee taken orally stimulates the adrenals, but taken rectally stimulates the Liver to detoxify (Since the liver is responsible for some 500 functions this detox simulation perhaps prioritizes its detoxification activity) through the Vagus nerve. So this was added to his regimen.

Kelley’s Years of Persecution

In 1970 Kelley published a 38 page book that documented his nutritional program called ‘One answer to Cancer.’  

Once the conventional medical establishment obtained a copy all hell broke lose and Kelley was thrown in jail.   Fortunately, Kelly had helped a Congressman in the past so he called him and the Congressman spoke to the sheriff, basically saying that if Kelly was not released he would orchestrate an in depth audit of the town’s sheriff’s department. 

Kelly was released the next day.

The media attacked Kelley warning the public of the villain in their midst.

Kelley talked about another dentist Dr William Morton who introduced anesthesia for dentistry and was vilified for it, and suffered the same humiliation and harassment that Kelley was going through.

The fact that Kelley did not have a medical license to practice medicine, and on top of that, he releases a book on a non toxic treatment for cancer, was tantamount to holding a red flag in front of an enraged bull.

The Texas State board of dental examiners were asked to revoke Kelley’s dental license.  

Kelley recalls the police stationed outside his dental practice asking each patient if they were here for dental work or cancer treatment, trying to draw out a confession so they could ‘nail’ Kelley.

Even out of town visitors to Kelley were surveilled by extracting their home addresses from their rental car agreements so their local law enforcement could be contacted to continue surveillance in their home towns.

A Texas state Comptroller was sent to kelley’s dental practice in an attempt to establish if he owed taxes on the supplements he sold to the out of towner’s, despite the fact that supplements were sales tax exempt.

Kelly ignored all the questions and threats telling the comptroller to sit outside and interrogate every customer and find out what they had purchased, and he added:

“You had better have an umbrella because the texas sun can be brutal”.

After all they were dealing with a man who had brought himself back from the brink of death so a few threats was ‘water off a duck’s back.’

Soon after, Kelley moved to Winthrop, Washington when his home was burnt to the ground.

The authorities were relentless in their pursuit of Kelley.

His phone was tapped by the FBI.

The final straw came when he decided to take the dying Steve Mcqueen, the actor as a patient.

Mcqueen was diagnosed with mesothelioma with tumors in both lungs, unfortunately his physician failed to diagnose the condition until it was too late and the cancer had metastasized.

They then decided to give him immunotherapy, a procedure that had no previous evidence that it would have any effect on his condition, but they did it anyway, and as it turned out, it didn’t.

Then they tried radiation, same thing no prior evidence with his type of disease, which also didn’t work.  

By now, poisoned and radiated nearly to death, and on his last legs, visited Kelley who sent him to a Mexican clinic that were administering Kelley’s nutritional regimen, but Mcqueen only partially complied and then one physician, convinced that Mcqueen was carrying around a dead tumor decided to ‘open him up’ and he died the next day of a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs).  

Guess what, the tumor was dead, but so was Mcqueen.

This was November, 1980.

Once the news got out that the great Steve Mcqueen was dead, and the last person to treat him was this medical ‘quack’ Kelley, this was enough to break open the weapons locker.

Immediately the media pounced on this news accusing Kelley of killing Mcqueen.    

Furthermore, when Mcqueen was still alive the FBI phone taps caught Mcqueen telling Kelley I am going to blow the lid off this Cancer Racket.” and now the CIA became involved.”   

Anyway Kelley had had enough and decided to ‘split’ so he began a tour of Canada and the US and while in New york he met another great man (Of whom I will always remember with great admiration even though I never met him) Nicholas Gonzalez MD.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Dr Gonzalez after an initial meeting in 1981, he ended up evaluating Kellys records, detailing hundreds of patients with advanced cancer, appropriately diagnosed and biopsy proven, who had recovered from their terrible disease under Kelley’s care.

Gonzalez had just completed 2 years of his medical training in immunology, and with the permission of Dr. Good, president of the Sloan Kettering teaching hospital at the time whom Gonzalez reported to, began reviewing Kelley’s patient records, 455 of which were evaluated in great detail.

One patient, who provided a testimonial for Gonzalez’s book ‘One man alone’ Arlene Van Straten who was diagnosed in 1982 with Stage IV Pancreatic adenocarcinoma the most aggressive form of this type of cancer which accounts for at least 85% on Pancreatic cancer, that affects the digestive enzyme production (Acinar cells) of the pancreas gland.

 The Mayo clinic confirmed the disease which was metastatic containing a 1 cm tumor in the liver.

In 2014 when Gonzalez was interviewed, he said it was 31 years since her diagnosis and she is alive today from Kelley’s care.

She was 46 when she was initially diagnosed.  In my opinion this is a remarkable success story.

There are many more wonderful recovery stories like this in the book ‘One man alone’.

Sadly in 1987, Dr Gonzalez never spoke to Kelley again. Gonzalez with the support of Dr. Good who at that time was the most published author of medical articles, had immense problems trying to get his monograph published which included many of Kelley’s patient records and stories, and to finally bring recognition for Kelley’s extraordinary accomplishments.

Editors would not touch the monograph either because they thought it was a work of fiction or that it was so incredulous that publishing it would have been an end to their careers.  

As result, Kelley became paranoid and began accusing Gonzalez of plotting with the CIA to steal his work.  

Kelley passed away in 2005 at the age of 79, unaware that through his tremendous efforts and insurmountable courage, the monograph was finally published in 2010 and the recognition that he so deserved was realized.

Soon after, in 1987, Dr Gonzalez and his colleague Dr. Linda Isaacs opened their own practice taking up the mantel from Kelley and keeping the remarkable discovery of Dr. John Beard over 100 years ago, alive.

This practice is still thriving after 27+ years having treated thousands of cancer patients, most who failed the treatment from conventional medicine visiting the last (only) hope, Doctors.  

What some people who know of the Gonzalez protocol is that, Dr. Gonzalez himself perfected the treatment over and above the work of Kelley and the discovery of Beard.  

When studying Kelley’s records from 1972 his  success rate was high but when Kelley began changing the enzyme blend the success rate diminished by the mid 80s.  

Kelly thought that if he modified the blend to mostly active enzymes and removing the fat it would work better.

However, the opposite occurred.  When Dr. Gonzalez opened his practice he began refining the enzyme blend, work that took 3 years to complete, to include mostly precursor with a small percentage of active which worked best.  

Logically, in the pancreas itself, the enzymes are pre-cursor, otherwise they would auto-digest and consume the pancreas.

 This important issue of enzyme efficacy was  concern 100 years ago during Beard’s time where doctors who had read Beard’s work attempted this mode of treatment on their patients but the outcomes were mediocre.  Beard explained that the dosage of trypsin was probably too weak and not potent enough.

If you, or a loved one is suffering this terrible malady then you can learn more from DR-GONZALEZ.COM.  To repeat the words of Dr Gonzalez ‘If you believe in alternative medicine then we welcome you.’


I have tried to purvey an unbiased historical journey concerning Cancer, an old and current human killer that has baffled society for thousand of years and it is only the last 120 years that primitive medicine and modern high technology medicine of today have reserved such enormous resources and finances to find a solution.  

From the origins of conventional treatment like Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery to a natural treatment unearthed from the annals of obscurity for over 100 years ago and resurrected in the 1960s.  

If it had not been for the exhaustive, courageous work of one man and the brilliant painstaking work of the man that followed in his footsteps, the true nature of cancer would still be forgotten and to this day unknown.

The medical establishment with its eminent scientific community and brilliant intellectual army of physicians was and is still a Juggernaut that is slow to embrace natural science, but are ‘contented’ with treatments that were ineffective 60 years ago and still ineffective today.  

It is sad and unfortunate that this community still, today, are buried in old theories and hypothesis and the mentality that the human body in all its complexity requires equal complexity to fix it.

 The persecution that existed 150 years ago and still continues today of special individuals that stood tall uncovering truths that were not part of existing dogma.  The examples are many:

Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) was tried and convicted of Heresy who believed in heliocentrism (the earth and planets revolved around the sun the centre of the Universe) so they tied him to a stake, nailed his tongue to his jaw so he couldn’t speak and as an act of mercy they tied a bag of gunpowder around his neck before they lit the fire under him.

Although Pythagoras, Copernicus and Khalfa Al Mamun ‘got away with it’, Galileo (1564-1642) uttering ‘Eppur si muove‘ ( and yet it moves ) spent the rest of his life under house arrest (27 years) after being found guilty by the inquisition for speaking the same truth.  

Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) a Belgian anatomist and imperial physician to Emperor Charles V, who published an outstanding text ‘Structure of the human body’: De Humani corporis fabrica (On the Fabric of the Human Body).(that was rich in facts ascertained by dissection, had his manuscripts burned and suffered great hostility from the medical profession.

Sir James Paget 1st Baronet (1814-1899) an eminent British Surgeon and Pathologist concluded in 1887

“operative interference with cancer was not advisable”,

but we know in some circumstances it is essential, especially if it’s causing a life threatening blockage but most other instances it is a desperate, futile, unnecessary, life threatening attempt to ‘cleanse’ the body of a malignancy.  Dr John Beard said,

“I have nothing to retract-even at the stake-concerning the nature and origin of cancer”.  

The Physicist Professor John Tyndall in the ‘Belfast address’ in the late 19th century stated,  

“Secretion of that important digestive gland, the pancreas, Nature had furnished a potent means of coping with cancer.”  

My final words concern childhood cancer.  Almost every week I read in the newspaper that this child of 4 is dying from a brain tumor, or this child of 8 is dying from liver metastasis. 

I also remember Dr. Gonzalez saying that he has people in their 20’s suffering from cancer and calling him.  

Conventional medicine would immediately say it’s genetic, but I believe its an imbalance in the mother’s homeostasis caused by nutritional deficiency or she is very toxic and her toxic/negative environment is passed on to the child.  

We know certain nutritional deficiency in the mother during the pregnancy especially the initial months while the embryo is forming cause birth defects.  

Down’s syndrome, cleft palate, type 1 diabetes, harelip are all a result of missing essential nutrients.

Mothers who take statin drugs are at risk of birthing a defective child since Statin drugs are ‘class X’ which means they are the same as the Thalidomide drug that mothers took for morning sickness in the 60’s that caused horrific injuries to newborn infants that had limbs missing.

Closing comments

Tragically Dr Gonzalez passed away on July 21 2015; the nature of his demise was never made public but some speculate that the cause was cardiovascular which took his life while researching in his library, a task that he was constantly pursuing to ensure his patients were getting the best of care.  On December 7th 1941 Franklin D Roosevelt delivered a 7 minute speech to congress after the japanese attacked Pearl Harbor :

” Yesterday,  December 7th 1941, a date that will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by Japanese naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan…..”   In my opinion a second day that will live in infamy is July 21 2015, the day that one of the greatest man who lived in our time passed away.

His working colleague and practice partner Linda Isaacs still continues to practice offering the Gonzales protocol and has subsequently moved the clinic from New York to Texas. 

Dr Nick Gonzalez said that there were various reasons that people succumb to Cancer :

Panic :  Because it is universally known that conventional medicine in treating cancer offer very little success to get you well, often causing more damage to the body from poisonous therapys, and the use of immunosuppressant drugs that cripple the immune system making patients completely vilnerable to infection such as Pneumonia. 

Once somebody receives a diagnosis of cancer the autonomic system activates the sympathetic or the Fight or flight mode ( the stress branch), which immediately diverts the body’s blood supply away from the liver, Pancreas and the gut to feed the muscles, the brain and the heart.  

This means that that any blood delivered therapy such as cancer drugs or even pancreatic enzymes are unable to get to the tumor to treat it, and furthermore with the liver being starved of an efficient blood supply it is impossible for the liver to detox the toxic debris from the tumor leaving the body defenceless to toxic poisoning.

Anaearobic stimulation : As we explained in part 1 of this series Dr Otto Warburg concluded that tumor cells survived by the anaerobic ( the abscence of oxygen) metabolism of glucose or fermentation, which will occur if the blood supply is shut down, since it cannot deliver oxygen to the affected area of malignancy, which will ultimately maintain an anaerobic environment for the tumor cells to continue to thrive and grow.

Indecision: For those who have no knowledge that alternative ways other than conventional medicine exists to treat cancer than they only have one decision to make, take the treatment offered by standard accepted medical treatment and ‘God bless all who sail in her’. 

There are others who are aware of alternative treatments including the Gerson and other nutritional protocols or a proven method such as the Gonzalez protocol based on enzymatic treatment coupled with nutritional correction. 

However, it is these patients who become indecisive, because of the years of brain washing that only conventional medicine is the answer, but generally once they endure these conventional medical toxic treatments and realise in most cases they are not improving but feeling sicker, it is at this point they turn to alternative treatments. 

Even at this turning point they still question the validity of the alternative approach, still hanging on to the idea that maybe they were too hasty and did not give the conventional treatment a chance to work. 

What kicks in is Belief, and there is an article on this subject. 

Gonzalez always said that his clinic was like the ‘last chance saloon’, where patients arrived on his doorstep almost too sick to stand up requesting help. For those whose digestive systems had been ccompromised from the poisons, there was little hope that the Gonzalez protocol would be of any benefit, since the digestion and absorption of nutrional supplements and enzymes were the basis of the treatment. 

If you lack the belief of an therapy, and you lack the belief in yourself and the administering physician your chances of survival are almost impossible. In the words of Dr Nicholas Gonzalez :

Patients who can face death with equanimity are, ironically, the ones who survive”

Authoritarian ‘Molly cuddling’:  Most people have developed into a digression of the need to be saved when we get into trouble.

Once you place your life into another person’s hands do you honestly believe that their interest and gusto to keep you safe is on the same level as your need to survive..No, this belief is flawed, purely because we are human and we all possess similar human traits. 

Having said this there are the very few who exist now and have gone before that have dedicated their lives in healing the sick such as Mother Theresa and even Florence Nightingale but these are exceptions. 

What I do believe is that there are a great many conventional allopathic medicine practitioners who truly want to make a difference and help the sick, but they are hampered by the ineffective treatment ‘tools’ that they have at their disposal, and have gone through rigorous medical training that is a flawed system. 

People like Dr Nick Gonzalez ( certified medical board trained in conventional immunotherapy), Dr Steven Sinatra ( Medical board certified Cardiologist ), Dr Mercola and others who all realised that modern conventional medicine is not the answer to viable treatments for the sick. 

So don’t be fooled by the armies of white coated physicians with stethoscopes handing around their necks or in their coat pockets working in grand hospitals surrounded by high tech monitoring systems, into thinking they have all the answers to your ills. 

They are only as good as their training has provided for them, and they do not have all the answers, because the true answers to health are too simple for their mindset. As I said before their belief is that:

“to heal such a complicated organism as a human requires an equally complex solution”

KRITSCHGAU: You know what that is?  What you have in your hand? That gives you Level 4 clearance.

MULDER: Level 4 clearance, that means I get to dine at the officer’s club?

KRITSCHGAU: You have access to everything, Mr. Mulder. Things I don’t, things I can only tell you about.

MULDER: I need to know who did this to Scully!

KRITSCHGAU: What you can have, what you may find, is so much more than that.


KRITSCHGAU: What you want most desperately of all.

MULDER: The cure for Scully’s cancer?

Quote from X-Files episode Redux

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The fact that an individual is dominant in one or other ANS branch indicates an imbalance in the body overall.  When we discuss metabolic typing in another article we can go into more details on diet and physiological balance, but suffice to say an oxidative state of the body which relates to how the body deals with stress distinguishes their oxidation rate. Fast Oxidisers are more sympathetic dominant and Slow Oxidisers are more parasympathetic.

Author: Eric Malouin